If your goal is to become a Registered Massage Therapist,
then you’ve come to the right Massage Therapy School
because we can get you ready in just 1 year!

In 3 Easy Steps, You Can Have Your Very Own RMT Career Or Massage Therapy Clinic.

Step 1. Click the "Get Started Today" Button and we'll send you our ICAT Information Package. Simply fill out the application in the Package to see if you qualify. No credit card or credit history required. All your information is 100% secure with our Massage Therapy School (see privacy policy).

Step 2. Complete your 12 month accelerated program with I.C.A.T. All other schools offer the same program but it’ll take you from 18 to 36 months. You don’t have that time to waste. Do you? You could be earning professional income much quicker.

You might be asking “how can I.C.A.T. deliver the program and help me become a Massage Therapist in one year when other schools take longer?”  I.C.A.T. is a Massage Therapy School that has developed a core training curriculum that helps you learn faster, retain more and affords trainees up to 20% more “hands-on” practice than most schools.

Step 3. Earn your Massage Therapy Diploma through us, then schedule and pass your C.M.T.O. Exams to earn your Registration, then start your new job or business!  Our Graduates Achieve Very High Success Rates at the C.M.T.O. Exams.


You are well on your way to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist.