Massage Therapy Program Starts April 24

Only one week to go before we start the April Session of ICAT’s one year Massage Therapy Diploma program. Register now for the best and fastest program in Canada. It actually costs you less that all other programs and is for serious people who want results. Forget OSAP. Most people don’t qualify after all. We have a better solution, and it’s easily affordable. Ask yourself. If not now, then when? Do you want to be where you are now, in a year from now? Still? Change your life. Earn more. Work less. Live better. Be happier.

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Give us a year and we’ll change your life forever.

Want proof? … Watch this short video…

This could be you in only one year’s time. Imagine.

Make the call: 416 695 4600 or

Open House is Tuesday April 18 from 5-7 pm, but you may not want to wait. 

Make the call: 416 695 4600 or