Massage Therapy School – Open House – April 9

ICAT Massage Therapy School is hosting an open house event on Sunday, April 9 from 3-5 pm. If you’re thinking about a career change, more money, shorter hours, better life (Who isn’t?), the perhaps a career in this boundless health care profession is for you. Our graduates turn down work. The will never be out of work as long at they are in practice. In fact, the Dean and Owner, Shirlee Rankin, B.Ed.,RMT has never been out of work a day in 30 years !!! Talk about job security.

Imagine – set your own hours, work from home, enjoy tax deductions, no commute, traffic, parking, care for your family, work part time, make more than most people who work full time… and the list goes on.

ICAT is the fastest and best Massage Therapy program in Canada, and in just one year, all this can be yours. At other schools, you’ll spend 2-3 years, learn less and spend more, let alone that we’ve got you out working for 2 years !!! while they’re still reading textbooks. Come see for yourself what makes ICAT so special. Just like you !!!