OSAP Funding – It’s not free money

OSAP Funding may not be available for you

Many students are under the misconception that OSAP funding is available to them.

OSAP Funding is accepted by many other Massage Therapy Schools, but there’s a catch.

OSAP Funding programs only award a limited amount of money per year. To get the maximum amount of money, you need to be in a longer program. A longer program means you’re going to school longer, while an ICAT grad is already long since finished, graduated, passed the CMTO Exams and is an active RMT. They’re earning while you’re still learning.

OSAP Funding is not a gift ; it’s a loan with Federal interest from the minute you graduate plus provincial interest. It’s not free money. When students from the other schools finally finish, they owe all that money back plus interest, so in their first year or two of working, they actually make even less money.

Don’t be fooled. If you own a car, house, condo, have a working spouse, have a job, or have enough money in the bank, RRSPs, etc., you will most likely not even qualify. So don’t be fooled by others and register at the wrong school. Learn Faster and Earn Faster with ICAT.

It takes months to qualify for OSAP. So, what if you register for one of these slower programs and THEN find out you don’t qualify for OSAP Funding after all? Now you’re stuck in a slower program and paying for years or need to then change schools to ICAT (We’ve had students do this). Why not just start with ICAT and finish sooner and spend less time, save money and eliminate the hassle?

Even if you do qualify for OSAP, it still takes far longer to graduate from other schools and that costs you years of income that ICAT grads already earned while others sat in  a classroom ! Don’t waste your time. Get Done.

With ICAT, it’s tough, but it works. In a year, you are earning up to $90/hour as an RMT. We have students of all ages, backgrounds, previous careers and if they can do it, so can you.

Don’t get fooled and take so long to get your new career in gear. Contact us today and we’ll set you straight, with the facts, and if you want to become an RMT in a year, we’ll give you the education you need, without dragging it out for years. You graduate with no government student loan headaches. The first dollar you earn, is yours! Imagine that.