How Much Can You Earn As An RMT In Toronto?


As as RMT in Toronto YOU could Earn $85 per hour!

How Much Can An
RMT In Toronto Earn?

As an Registered Massage Therapist, or RMT in Toronto, you could join others who have made Massage Therapy one of the top careers in Canada. Did you know that 17-24% of Canadians use Massage Therapy as part of their regular healthcare routine?

  • Being an RMT in Toronto (Registered Massage Therapist) is one of the highest paying professions in the health care industry. It offers a stress free environment and a desirable lifestyle. Second year professionals can often exceed $80K/year in an RMT in Toronto. career. RMTs can charge $80 – $120/hr regardless of where your practice is located, not just in Toronto.
  • Once you have successfully completed your RMT training at a registered massage therapy school, your opportunities are endless. The demand is high and there are approximately 2 jobs for every massage therapist. ICAT grads often have 3 lined up before they even finish the course !
  • Some professionals wish to accelerate their learning to quickly earn their RMT certification to be able to offer additional services at their existing practice. Some choose to become a Registered Massage Therapist as a second career. Some wish to become an RMT to be self-employed part-time. Some use their RMT designation to open Massage Therapy clinics of their very own. Which ever suits you, we can make it happen, and better, faster and at lower cost than any other Massage Therapy School in Canada.

The average RMT in Toronto and surrounding areas enjoys a salary of between $80 and $120 per hour when self-employed or between $50 to $60 per hour when working for a Clinic or Spa.

The Institute of Complementary & Alternative Therapies (I.C.A.T.) has trained many successful RMTs. We have a very high success rate when it comes to the student passing the CMTO registration exam.

Expect an accelerated program with lots of “hands on” experience. You can complete your program within 12 months. Then, you schedule your exam to complete your certification. And Done.

Our goal is to help you become both a successful student and a massage therapist so you can create your very own practice.


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