Second Career Training Ontario – Becoming a Massage Therapist

The Words “Second Career” Mean
Different Things To Different People

Are you thinking about taking second career training in the sense a second job – in one of the best careers for the future?

If so, Massage Therapy could provide that second career training for you.  You may want to take a look at our page about Salary and Job Expectations, too.

Second Career Training could mean “Second Career Funding” through Ontario Works Programs associated with Employment Insurance (E.I.) and Human Resources Canada.

If this is the case, we are highly experienced in helping you gather all the right materials to help you fulfill the requirements so that you can get the second career funding that is possible for you to move ahead with Massage Therapy as your second career training choice.

Becoming a Registered Massage Therapist is an ideal first or second career if you want to take a different career path to add skills to what you already know or to make a complete change as our 40 year old female welder did ! Imagine that. Now she’s an RMT.

The second career training in Ontario we offer at I.C.A.T. will prepare you for all aspects of a Massage Therapy practice and help you make the most out of one of the best careers for the future.

Speaking of the future, how would you like to never be out of work again? As the owner and Dean, I can tell you that in my 28+ year career as an RMT, I have never been out of work. There are 2 RMT jobs for every graduating student. The key is the get out there, and our second career students graduate in one year and are working while students at the other schools are still in class. You’re earning while they’re still learning!

So whether this is a new career, a second career for extra income, or truly a second career later in life, we have the solution and it’s only a phone call or email away.

Ask us about our interest-free payment plans that are available for tuition. Please feel free to discuss these options with us when you schedule your personal School Tour.


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